High Heels and Haystacks by Erin Nicholas

High Heels and Haystacks

By Erin Nicholas

  • Release Date: 2018-04-10
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 5
From 12 Ratings
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Billionaires in Blue Jeans, book two

Only three things stand between Ava Carmichael and her twelve billion dollar inheritance:

1.       A year of living in Bliss, Kansas.

2.       A relationship that lasts six consecutive months.

3.       A pie.

Ava has run a multi-billion-dollar company, negotiated with shark investors, and hobnobbed with business royalty, but she’s about to be defeated by her inability to turn sugar, flour, and apple pie filling into something edible.

Conveniently, the owner of the diner next door, Parker Blake, is magic in the kitchen. And he technically works for her. So she can make him teach her to bake. And, hey, if everyone assumes they’re heating up more than the oven during their time in the kitchen…well, that’s called multitasking.

Parker Blake likes his women the way he likes his coffee: not in his diner. But gorgeous, strong-willed, type-A Ava clearly isn’t going to stop messing up his kitchen—or his simple, stress-free small town life—until the conditions of her daddy’s will are met. So, sure, he’ll teach his “boss” to bake.

But once the kitchen door closes, it’s pretty clear who’s really in charge.


  • Sweetly sexy

    By Cali Jewel
    Delightfully fun, sweetly sexy, engagingly charming and emotionally thrilling romantic journey for this total opposites but perfect for each other couple. Ava Carmichael is head strong, driven, wicked smart and can not bake a pie to save her inheritance. (could be because she doesn't like sweets or food in general) Parker Blake is sexy, quite, keeps to him self, grumpy all the time cafe owner next door and a dream in the kitchen. (and bedroom) Parker has to teach Ava about pie and struggles to fight the growing attraction between them knowing she will high tail it out of Bilss just as soon as until the conditions of her daddy’s will are met. Will he be strong enough to keep his simple, stress-free small town life? Loved every heart pounding twist and turn .... awesomely entertaining read!
  • A Must Read! Highly Recommend!

    By mmrey624
    I give High Heels and Haystacks by Erin Nicholas Five Stars. This is book two of the Billionaires in Blue Jeans series. This book can be read as a stand alone novel but I would recommend reading the books in order of how they are written. Like all of Erin's books this was very well written, was a quick read, and had lots of Humor. You will find yourself going through a bunch of emotions but laughter and love will be the biggest ones. This book has a HEA and you will fall in love with Parker and Ava. If you love boss/employee romances you will love this book because it also has a twist to it. Ava Carmichael is set to inherit twelve billion dollars but in order to do so she must follow through with the demands her father put in his will. If not she stands to lose not just the money but her job also. In order to keep her way of life and inherit the money she must live in Bliss, Kansas for a year, she must have a serious relationship with one person for 6 months and she must bake pies... Ava is use to being in board rooms, negotiating million dollar deals, and working side by side with other business owners but do you think she can make a simple pie? The answer is no! Ava is about to be defeated by a simple pie and she does not like that at all. Parker Blake is the owner of the diner that is located next door to the pie shop. Unlike Ava, Parker is a wiz in the kitchen. When Ava figures out that Parker technically works for her she decided that she is going to make Parker teach her how to bake a pie. Ava also figured that people will see them together and assume they are dating so this idea will take care of two items on her checklist. Parker Blake has an ideal of the type of women he likes and Ava Carmichael is not that type. Ava loves to come into his kitchen to borrow stuff so when she walks in and hits him with her new idea he is ready to help her out immediately because the only way he is going to get her out of his kitchen is to check off the boxes on her checklist and get her out of town. Parker will help his "Boss" learn how to make pies but the gloves are off as soon as the kitchen door is closes and it becomes pretty clear who is really in charge. I highly recommend this book! It is a must read!
  • Loved it!,

    By Crystal Singer
    Pretty sure that High Heels and Haystacks ranks up there as one of my top favorite Erin Nicholas reads! A fantastic, sexy, swoon-worthy story that will give you all the feels. A love story between two people who are really so different but the same all in one. Parker, even though he likes things a certain way and wants a certain type of woman....can't seem to get Ava out of head. Ava, who is all about results and will do anything to get them, knows that she HAS to date someone while she spends time in Bliss, thinks that Parker will be the perfect fit. They've already spent a couple of months together and he's not so bad to look at. Sparks immediately fly when these two come together. They are perfect for each other. Balance each other out in a way that makes your heart happy. I highly recommend this one!!! Happy reading!
  • Love Parker!

    By xiotisa00
    Erin Nicolas does it again! I fell I love with the gruff diner owner. The banter between Parker and Ava is amazing! I loved watching these two fall in love. Another great book!
  • Type A + Type A = Perfection

    By Laura__F
    Another amazing small-town romance!!! I'm loving my visits to Bliss just as much as I have loved every visit to Sapphire Falls. Triplets Ava, Brynn, and Cori have received the terms of their father's will and for Ava, that includes learning to bake pie, spending a year in Bliss, and dating someone for six months. Being in the kitchen is not Ava's forte and neither is dating for dating's sake. Everything for Ava is a business deal in the making. But in order to secure her place as the CEO of her father's company, she needs to follow his terms to the letter. Parker likes the way his life is. He runs his diner every day, he doesn't let people change the way he makes his food, and he definitely doesn't let people in his kitchen. He has no desire to be the CEO of Carmichael so he's just as determined to help Ava meet the terms of her father's will. Their chemistry is off the charts. The tension is thick enough to cut with a knife. These two make so many changes in the other's life that they both find the balance that they both have needed for so long. Cori and Evan were my favorites until I read Ava and Parker. I don't know how it's possible that I love this book more than the last but I do. It's pretty clear that Rudy had pairings in mind for his girls and the boys that he came to grow so close to but fate is fate and these couples are absolutely perfect for each other. I am counting down the days to Brynn and Noah's story!!!!
  • Loved it!

    By hnobbs
    The sexual tension between Ava and Parker was so freaking hot! I loved the back and forth between these two. I wouldn’t call this an enemies to lovers storyline because they never hated each other it was more that they were so much alike that they liked getting a rise out of each other. There were several close calls in the romance department between Ava and Parker but it just served in making them hotter for each other and when they finally got together it was awesome and definitely worth the wait. I liked how even though they were alike they were different enough to complement one another. I loved the interaction with Ava and her sisters and then the other guys in there group. This was a great second book in this trilogy and you definitely won’t be disappointed in it. Can’t wait for Brynn and Noah’s story next!
  • A must read!!!

    By sferguson105
    We got to see Ava and Parker’s relationship start in the first Billionaire’s In Blue Jeans book, and I knew it was going to be quite the ride with these two. They are both headstrong, stubborn, and leaders, but that’s about where the differences end. Ava is the sweeter of the two, while Parker is moody and broody (my favorite kind of Erin heroes 😂) I loved seeing their relationship build, and seeing a softer side of Ava come out. Catching up with the secondary characters was a blast, and a certain meddling senior. This book was the perfect addition to this series, and is definitely a must read!!!